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MediNinja: Affordable Excellence

Like a ninja, MediNinja is fast, low-profile, and effective. And, like a ninja with a sword, MediNinja cuts out the middlemen, which means we avoid unnecessary overhead and can pass those savings onto our customers.

MediNinja Australia Cutoff middlemen

Goods and Services:

MediNinja has been operating since 2011. With an eye towards expanding products and services in the future, we currently focus on assistive products for people with hearing loss. We offer a variety of television listeners, vibrating alarm clocks, amplified telephones, and smart watches, in addition to blood pressure monitors, eyeglasses and other medical products. Our true specialty, however, is hearing aids. We offer top-quality hearing aids that keep your bottom line in mind.


MediNinja has a straightforward mission: to make high-quality medical and healthcare equipment affordable and easily accessible. There's nothing more to say. It's that simple.

Our Approach:

The traditional route of purchasing hearing aids includes too many middlemen: agents, importers, wholesalers, and the store. Each step adds cost, which gets passed on to the consumer. At MediNinja, we slash costs by working directly with the manufacturer to pass on near-wholesale prices to you.

Our Promise:

We only cut out the middlemen. We don't cut corners anywhere else. Our hearing aids are high quality … top-of-the-line products that keep your bottom line in mind!

Other Benefits:

Our website and customer service representatives offer fast and easy one-stop shopping. You'll find our online shopping very simplified because that's what we are about. We streamline every step of the process, so you get what you need fast, affordably, and hassle-free. If it's ever necessary, we also offer excellent customer service and support. We want to answer your questions. We want to make sure you get what you need. And, for us, the relationship isn't over when the sale is final. We are more than willing to work with you once your product has arrived. Additional questions? No problem. Need to make a return? We have a policy for that.

The Future:

We're not done just because we already have an approach and products that we believe in. We are always on the lookout for the latest innovations in hearing-related medical supplies to bring to you. We want to bring you the most cutting-edge products on the market…through the most cost-cutting approach!

Get In Touch!

We love to hear from you... about our products and our services! Please share with us of your thoughts, and we will get back to you Ninja Fast! Please feel free to contact us anytime! Our registered office is at MediNinja LLC, PO Box 684202, Marietta, GA 30068.

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