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  • Ordering & Payments

    Straightforward purchasing with flexible payment options.
    • Why should I shop at MediNinja?

      Put simply, you want to avoid any unnecessary costs while taking advantage of our other benefits. Traditional providers and manufacturers have overhead and other miscellaneous expenses. What do they do as a result? They mark their medical supplies up … sometimes as much as ten times (10x)!

      MediNinja cuts out the middlemen and the avoidable expenses. We pass those savings onto you. How? Well, we work with a top-tier, independent manufacturer and deliver directly to your door.

      Why else should you use MediNinja?

      • We offer reasonable prices with better quality.
      • We have a "Love It or Return It" policy.
      • We also offer fast delivery, on-demand support, professional customer care, and personal data protection.
      • Our payments are secure, using SSL 3D security, in addition to protection against non-delivery, non-refund, and credit card fraud.

      The bigger question? Why wouldn't you shop at MediNinja?

    • I'm ready to order. How do I do that?

      We offer several options for placing orders:, Online Chat or through one of our customer service representatives. The ordering process is easy and very quick to complete. Using MediNinja's website provides with the easiest ordering experience. After finding an item that you want, you can view its main features on the Product Detail page. If you decide that's the item for you, just click the button. When you're finished shopping, simply click the button. There's no registration required to use our secure, one-step checkout system. If you wish, you can also order through a Customer Service Representative. Our team of friendly, knowledgeable representatives are waiting to handle your call. When you're ready to place an order, just call 02 8188 4284.

    • I want to make payment: What payment options do you accept?

      payment options

      We offer versatility in the range of secure payment options we make available to buyers. You can make orders using either of the following options:

      • All major credit cards—MasterCard, VISA, Discover, and American Express
      • VISA and MasterCard debit cards
      • Personal checks
      • Money Orders
      • PayPal
    • Is a secure site to order through?

      Yes! is secured by a high-grade 256-bit SSL certificate that encrypts (scrambles/protects) all of your personal data in order to ensure a safe transaction. Our payment processor takes care of all credit card information directly, and nothing is ever stored by us. Your security one of our top priorities.

      PCI Compliance
      The Medisave website meets the current requirements for achieving full PCI compliance.  PCI Compliance is a worldwide information security standard developed by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council.

    • Do you accept insurance?

      We do not currently accept insurance. Contact your insurance provider to see if there is a covered option. More often than not, however, MediNinja is your best choice for the lowest cost.

    • Do I need to register to place an order?

      No. You do not have to. You can choose Guest Checkout to place an order with us. Or use your social network accounts such as Facebook or twitter to purchase from us securely.

    • What do I do if I forget my password?

      No problem! Click "Forgot Your Password?" and follow the steps as instructed.

    • I do not understand the term "Wish List": What is it?

      A "wish list" is a list of items you wish to buy before you actually buy them. Our wish list tool on allows you to keep track of the items on your wish list. The wish list tool also gives you the liberty to share what you want with your family and friends.

      To add a product to your wish list, simply click on the " Add to Wish List" button on the product page.

    • I have questions about the features of products you stock: How can I get answers?

      Regardless of the complexity of the inquiry you have, our standby team of customer care and support representatives are available to provide you answers and clarifications. Three communication channels are available for you to use at your convenience:

      • online chat
      • e-mail
      • phone

      In addition, our site provides an inclusive description of the features of the hearing aids we stock as well as a succinct overview of how the hearing aids we stock match up against hearing aids from other manufacturers.

  • Shipping & Delivery

    We make shipping easy.
    • Shipping and delivery overview

    • Do you have free shipping policy?

      Yes, we do! We offer every day free shipping for all purchases over $50. We pay for shipping and handling unless you choose to return the item in which case there is a recovery fee.
    • How will my order ship?

      MediNinja wants your package to arrive to you as quickly as possible, so we use several different carriers. Most orders are sent our standard delivery - Super Saving Shipping, but if you need faster delivery, depends on the delivery destination and item restriction, you can pay an additional fee to upgrade to Expedited or Express delivery for most items.

      How? Simply select an upgraded shipping option on the Shipping Method page during checkout.

    • When will my order ship?

      Usual duration for processing your order is 4 to 48 hours. This duration covers the period of time that elapses between the time your payment is received; and when your ordered items are inspected, tested, pre-programmed (if necessary), and packaged for shipping.

      Over the years, we have undertaken strategic reevaluations to make this process seamless and completed in the shortest time possible while ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

    • When will my order arrive?

      Before you submit your order, you'll receive an estimated delivery date as part of your checkout information. The information below can be used as a guide, but the most accurate information will always be the estimated delivery date and tracking number provided with your order.

      • Super Saver Shipping: Ships via Regular Parcel, and package usually arrives within 3 to 8 business days.
      • Expedited Shipping: Ships via Expedited Parcel, and Package usually arrives within 2 to 6 business days.
      • Overnight Shipping: Ships via Express Parcel, and Package usually arrives within 1 to 4 business days
      • International Shipping: Orders should arrive 2-10 business days after processing. Additional duties, taxes, and/or VAT may apply; please inquire with your local customs.

      Depends on the delivery address and item restriction, no all shipping methods are available for all items and destinations.

    • Can you send my order to an address other than my permanent ship-to address?

      Yes, in the majority of cases, we can send your order directly to an address that's different than the permanent ship-to address we have on file for you.

      When you order online or by phone, you can either to Select from Your Address Book or Create New Address when prompted during the checkout process. You can also save new addresses to your Address Book for future use.

    • Can my order be shipped anywhere?

      We typically deliver orders to almost every city in Australia and New Zealand, with some rare exclusions for certain products or certain destinations. Please specific shipping information will be available at checkout.

    • I want to ship my order to a P.O. Box: Will you be able to ship the order?

      Yes, we will be able to. Most items on can be shipped to a P.O. Box address. There may be some restrictions though.

    • I want to ship my order to an international destination: Can I go ahead with my order?

      Yes, you can. Shipping to international destinations (outside the Australia) will incur additional fees. The total shipping cost will vary by location and will be added to the cost of the item you are purchasing during checkout.

    • I want to ship my order to an international destination: Will I receive extra charges not displayed at checkout?

      You may have to settle extra fees depending on the country and region in which you reside. These fees include custom duties and independent carrier fees. To gain full information about the possibility and size of extra charges, you should contact your local customs office, or the postal office.

    • Can I designate my international package as a "GIFT"?

      During checkout, you can have your package marked as a "gift" in the field marked "Add a note to your order." These packages are charged considerably less in taxes or may not be taxed at all.

      However, you should check with your local customs office to find out what qualifies a package to be classified as a gift and how it affects local charges such as taxes, duties, or other tariffs. Misuse of the "gift" designation may result in your package being delayed at customs.

      On all "gift" orders, we designate orders to be $8 per item, so if you order two items, your order will be declared a "gift" with a $16 value.

  • Returns & Replacement

    If you're not happy, we're not happy, so we make the return and exchange process simple.
    • Can you explain your return policy?

      Put simply, we want you to love it or to return it. That's why we have the Love It or Return It within 30 days policy. Is the color not quite right or it's not what you expected? Well, then, we have our convenient return policy. You don't even need the original box. You can select to exchange it or get a refund of the purchase price (excluding the original shipping and handling) as long as you send it back within 30 days of the date that you received your package. Hearing aids are special items requiring trial, so we have our 45 days Risk Free Guarantee to give you peace of mind.

      We want you to shop with the feeling of security that comes with knowing that we have a hassle-free return policy. Even gift items can be returned within 30 days following the stipulations explained above and the additional stipulations explained below.

      First, return items must be new. Second, products must be returned as complete, including any accessories. We aren't accountable for lost or damaged returns, so be sure to get a tracking number for returns. We also are not responsible for any additional shipping-related fees or even the basic cost of return shipping.

      Despite some rules, we know that you will find our return policy easy to use and fair.

    • What is your return policy for hearing aids?

      Hearing aids are special products, which we proudly cover under a top-shelf 45-day money-back guarantee .

      For all hearing aids newly purchased from us, we provide a 45-day money back guarantee. This trial is "postmark-to-postmark," meaning that it begins on the date the hearing aids are shipped to you and must be postmarked for return within 45 days of that date. There is no risk in trying our products, and our friendly representatives are here to help.

    • What's involved with returning an item?

      Good question! Returning an item is fairly simple.

      First, access our Online Returns Center and complete a return form. You will then receive a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. Please note returning without an RMA will result higher restocking fee up to 20%.

      Second, after receiving your RMA, package your item(s) securely. Please include any paperwork that was indicated when you filled out your form at the Online Returns Center. Don't have the original shipping box? No problem. Just substitute a durable box and pack the hearing aids in padding, like packing bubbles or newspaper. Attach your return label.

      Finally, mail the package to the address on the online return form. Be certain to get a tracking number to guarantee on-time delivery. Remember, we are not accountable for lost or damaged items. Be sure to prepay for shipping as we do not accept COD. We don't pay the return shipping costs.

      The processing of your return will take 10 to 14 days. It may take one to two billing cycles for return credit to appear on your credit card statement.

    • I have initiated a return: How do I keep track of the status of my return?

      Up-to-date information about your return can be accessed online on your "Check your Order Status" page.

    • Can you describe your policy for exchanges?

      Exchanges are easy. If something about your purchase leaves you less than satisfied, for any reason, our policy allows you to send it back within 30 days for an exchange.

  • Warranty

    Relax. It is covered! 
    • What about a manufacturer's warranty?

      Our products come with a 12-month warranty that covers manufacturing defects. The warrant will not cover devices that have been modified or have been physically damaged by the user.

  • About Hearing Aids

    Sound like miracle! Everything about hearing aids and hearing loss.
    • How is MediNinja able to sell their hearing aids at such an affordable price?

      Overhead costs and bundling make up 70%-90% of the sticker price on hearing aids. MediNinja offers you the basic necessities and we only operate online. Cutting out these extra costs allows us to offer you our products at extremely affordable prices. The quality of our products are never compromised and come from top tier manufacturers.

    • I want to know a little about a hearing aid: What is it?

      A brief description of a hearing aid is catalogued in the AMA dictionary, the entry for hearing aid states that a hearing aid is "a small electronic apparatus that amplifies sound and is worn in or behind the ear to compensate for impaired hearing."

      A hearing aid is a complementary medical device used to enhance the perception of sound. It bestows on individuals with varying degrees of hearing loss the basic ability to communicate verbally by being able to decipher verbal cues. Consequently, individuals with hearing aids are able to carry out daily tasks seamlessly. Hearing aids vastly improve the quality of life of an individual who needs it.

    • Should I get a hearing aid?

      We keep things simple. Others bundle services, such as offering unlimited checkups or free batteries. Overhead costs like those get passed on to you, the consumer, in the form of higher prices. MediNinja eliminates extra expenses by conducting business online and offering only the essentials. Our hearing aids aren't inexpensive due to lack of quality. On the contrary, made in Europe, our digital hearing aids are usually sold for $5,000 in traditional clinics.

    • Is hearing loss a common medical condition?

      According to Graduate Careers Australia, 1 in 6 Australians are affected by hearing loss. Projections for 2050 indicate that one in every four Australians will have hearing loss. Hearing loss is one of the most prominent health condition in Australia, ranking among asthma, diabetes, and musculoskeletal diseases in terms of burden of disability. A huge percentage of Australians will be touched by hearing loss during their lifetime, but MediNinja can help you overcome that with our premium hearing aids.

    • How will I know if MediNinja hearing aids are right for me?

      Although our hearing aids normally fit most people, we will never fit a hearing aid to someone who will not benefit from it. This is why we have 45-days risk free money back warranty on all hearing aid products. If it does not fit, simply return for refund/replacement.

    • Do I need to program your hearing aids once received or are they ready to go?

      Ready to wear out of the box, our hearing aids arrive pre-programmed to fit most people in various hearing situations. 45-days risk-free guarantee give you peace of mind on trial.

    • Will it take me time to adjust to my hearing aid?

      Adjusting to a hearing aid can take some time. It can take a few days to a few months. It depends on how quickly you adjust to the improvement of sound.

    • What are the benefits of using hearing aids?

      Hearing aids offer considerable benefits beyond better hearing.

      In fact, people were surveyed regarding the use of hearing aids, and the survey revealed the following.

      • First, the treatment of hearing loss was associated with greater earning power in the workplace.
      • The use of hearing aids also leads to less discrimination for people with hearing loss.
      • Those who used hearing aids or lived with people who used hearing aids noticed a reduction in anger, frustration, anxiety, and paranoia in the users. Additionally, they experienced more emotional stability and quality of life.
      • Refusing to admit to hearing loss creates a perception of reduced mental ability by others, while the use of hearing aids is associated with greater mental ability.
      • Those who needed but did not wear hearing aids reported worse health, along with reduced balance and more falls, compared to those who used hearing aids.
      • People who don't wear hearing aids can become withdrawn, choosing to avoid others rather than be embarrassed by their hearing loss.

      In short, hearing aids can improve your quality of life significantly. At the very least, imagine not having to continually ask others to repeat themselves. Imagine being able to follow and participate in daily conversations.

    • Will I be able to wear MediNinja hearing aids with my glasses?

      Most of our customers have to wear glasses as well as hearing aids. Which is why all of MediNinja's hearing aids can be comfortably worn with glasses.

    • Are hearing aids resistant to moisture?

      Although not waterproof, our hearing aids are nano-coated to be resistant to moisture. You don't have to worry about getting caught in the rain one day or sweating occasionally while exercising. Our hearing aids can handle that level of moisture. On the other hand, you wouldn't want to wear your hearing aids while swimming nor in the shower. That level of exposure could damage the device or even render it useless.

      Bear in mind that if you do exercise regularly or live in a humid location, purchasing a hearing aid dehumidifier would be advised.

    • I bought a hearing aid and the battery needs changing: Where can I purchase replacement batteries?

      At MediNinja we stock batteries for hearing aids. To purchase these, go to the accessories section of the products page and select the battery type needed. Alternatively, you can buy batteries at a local drugstore or wholesale club.

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