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The EasyCharge hearing aids with rechargeable feature works all day long. Hearing aids which are powered by throwaway batteries go dead anytime. I just have to plug them at night and the batteries lasts all day. Isn't it amazing feature? Thank you! - Quincy L.

Making life easy

Ever run out of batteries unexpectedly? Annoying, isn’t it? Why not simplify things and say goodbye to weekly battery changes with the EasyCharge2 rechargeable from EarCentric.

  • Hear in noise
  • Full day of uninterrupted hearing with one simple charge
  • No need to spend money on hearing aid batteries - Saving $200/year per ear
  • Charges just like a smartphone

Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars. Based on 229 Reviews
Amazing aids and fantastic customer service Review by Roselia Sisler

My husband wanted to buy a pair of hearing aids from a long time but we were resisting ourself to buy because of lots of negative reviews of expensive hearing aids usually in the $3000 range. We both were very disappointed and didn't want to exhaust our money on something that won't work. After doing a thorough research we found this earcentric hearing aids online. The reviews were so good that insisted us to buy these aids and I am so glad we did. My husband set it us using their instruction...

Amazing customer support system Review by Mariko Heppler

Great team, they listen to their customer very carefully. I requuired different ear plugs but its okay. I hope it had bluetooth so that we could control the volume and frequency response easily. I guess its over-priced.

I am pleased how great these aids are Review by Christena Buechner

The hearing power of my left ear has degraded to an extent that I face problem even while having conversations. I am scheduled to see an audiologist next week. Keeping this in mind, last week I decided to buy a cheap $20 hearing amplifier for the time till I see my doctor. I was surprised and amazed to see how well it worked out. So, I decided to buy one of these, thinking that if a $20 hearing aid worked so well for me, maybe this would work better. Also, I wanted to be able to compare it...

I am using these aids since 2 weeks. Review by Jesica Toppi

Its been two weeks since I received my Medininja's earcentric hearing aids and wow these little things has changed my life. These aids took two to three days to fit perfectly in my ears with the right adjustments. I wore them all day long until I sleep and these has changed my life all together.

I hope my review will help you in making the right Review by Willetta Boroughs

I haven’t really posted reviews before but I know how much we depend on them and felt I should share my thoughts. Basically, if you interested in this product, please do yourself a favour and buy it. It lived up to all of its claims. It definitely enhanced sounds and my hearing. Let me tell about my experience with their customer service department. After using the amplifier for around a month, the volume switch fell off. It may have had something to do with having thick and unruly...

As good as my $7000 expensive hearing aids Review by Matilde Fundis

I got my new hearing aids last week and I must say that the quality of these aids are as good as my $7000 expensive hearing aids I purchased 4 years ago. I misplaced them few months back. I still need hearing aids and I will be buying for my left year too soon. If you suffer from hearing loss than try them out.

she can hear well Review by Mary Ryan

Purchased these for my wife few days back. The instructional manual is so detailed and has all the pictures too so my wife had a easy time setting them up. Within few minutes of setting it up, She wore them and tried to adjust the channel and volume position as per her hearing. She was amazed at the sound quality and how amazing the volume controls are. We can talk normally now without shouting at each other. At present, I will give 4 stars as just received but will surely change the review...

It has given everything promised. Review by Ardis Burlison

I have used the personal amplifier earlier which was of no use. The earcentric do everything they promised. It has four hearing channels or four hearing programs. It comes with a telecoil i.e., telephone mode too. I am enjoying using these.

It is a keeper Review by Bo Rippentrop

These aids has actually helped me a lot in my lifestyle. Having hearing loss from a long time has embarrassed me a lot in many situations. I can hear the birds chirpping, my dogs bark and many more sweet sounds. Impressed and purchased the second one too for my riht ear.

Earcentrics are the best hearing aids I have ever Review by Claudie Benito

I have written a review in the last year too about earcentric hearing aids. I can now hear lots of voices like bird chirping, dogs bark and can talk to people in normal voice without shouting. Within the past month I thought that the device quit working as I couldn't hear sounds near me but it was my mistake. I expected that I had been cleaning everything with the black handled solid wire but I missed the very thin clear wire to clean the long tube from the unit to my ear. I sent an email...

Affordable price and amazing customer support Review by Don Quiggle

These are fantastic. I purchased these for my husband and he swore he would try them for 45 days. It took less than a week and my hubby falls in love with them. He is normally more vocal about such products he doesn't like but he has not had any issues with his new artificial ears. We have already recommended these to our friends and family. Customer service is also great.

I have got a pleasant surprise Review by Chauncey Janna

I will give the genuine reason of giving 4 stars. I was very doubtful about these hearing aids but there were so many positive reviews about these aids so I decided to give them a try also because of their return policy. While buying, I was not sure how these will gonna work for my hearing loss. It does work well. If you are watching TV with a number of people who mumbles all the time, it does work but not 100%. I can do my one on one conversations easily. I have faced one strange situation...

This is an amazing hearing aids Review by Jefferson Willeford

Don't have money to purchase expensive hearing aids? No problem, these earcentric hearing aids are as good as expensive hearing aids. It works great and serves all my purpose. Try these aids until you get more money to waste. My hearing is very severe since twenty years. I wish I would have purchased these twenty years back. My social circle would have bigger if I could have listened properly. I feel so isolated when I couldn't talk to people around me just because i could hear them and I...

These aids are worth buying Review by Linda Blackston

These small hearing aids is doing great for me and working as promised. My husband sleeps little early than me. I usually sleep after listening 10 pm news. I am 68 years old so my hearing is not that good as it was. Whenever, I turn up the TV volume to listen the news; he always complained. After purchasing these hearing aids I am so happy that I can hear clearly at normal volume. I have purchased one for my left ear only and am so happy with this purchase. I have used them for a month only...

Good product overall. Review by Holly Shelton

I love the device and it works perfectly. For me, the hardest part was having a conversation to a young woman with a high, soft voice in a crowded hotel. I had an amazing experience and I didn't ask her to repeat again and again - "What you said?" Amazing value at such an affordable price. The only reason I don't want to give it 5 stars is that I found them fiddly to some extent. The customer support service is good and they have always solved my problems patiently. I am using the...

Wonderful product Review by Isiah Selmon

I have used this Earcentric Harmony device just for 3 days but I am already liking it. You know what is the best thing about them it seems like there is nothing in my ear. I can't feel them at all. I can hear so better now. I can adjust them very easily.

Got my hands on these hearing aids Review by Olin Vanslander

I am facing severe hearing loss but I couldn't afford to buy $6000 hearing aids. My husband ordered these hearing aids and I am so loving them. Thanks hubby. I can hear properly. I don't have to increase the volume so high that I might disturb everyone around me. I didn't experience any background noise after wearing them. So happy to have them!

My hearing is much better now. Thank you. Review by Vance Clarkston

The best thing about these hearing aids is its size, no one notices them when I wear. These earcentric aids works almost in every situation but sometimes I have to switch them off. I place them over my first hearing aids which was worth $1000. These are very small in size. People who know I wear hearing aids even they can't notice my aids. These aids comes with four hearing programs. I usually have to turn off the subtitles on my TV as I read them instead of listening to the actors...

I love the Medininja's earcentric hearing aids Review by Charlie Lorean

I love the Medininja's earcentric hearing aids. I guess my wife loves them more than me. Haha! Completely, worth buying. Give them a try at least for a month.

Customer service went above and beyond Review by Joey Peskin

I am grateful that I found this company as their products are outstanding. Their customer service is amazing. I had an amazing experience with one of their representative. I had very bad experieneces with many companys and thought it would be the same. But this time I am so happy I got my hands on Earcnetric heairng aids. These hearing aids are inexpensive, small, lightweight, have volume controls, almost invisible, and gives a great support. I recommend this product who are in need of best...

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