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Hearing Aids 45 Days 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Hearing aids are not just medical devices designed to correct difficulty in hearing, they are product solutions that improve quality of life. We understand the value of hearing aids. Accordingly, we ensure that for every hearing aid purchased from us, the client is fully satisfied with the product received.

We are not just a bunch of salespeople; we are a long-term partner that is committed to helping you hear better and lead a better life. Because of our commitment, we make certain that your satisfaction tops our list of objectives.

We mean what we say, which is why if you are not satisfied with your purchase of our hearing aid(s), we will accept a return within a 45-day period following your purchase. In exchange, we will give you a full refund within 10 business days, after receiving the returned package.

That's it! No gimmicks!

MediNinja strongly requires a minimum trial period of 21 days. Based on clinical studies, our brain needs time to adjust to new hearing aids. Our brain needs to cope up with new amplified sound produced by the new hearing aids. Therefore, return requests prior to 21 days from the invoice date will incur additional 10% early return fee.

Getting to know your hearing aids takes time and patience. You need to adjust the positioning, orientation and choice of domes/sleeves to filter and eliminate unwanted sounds. In time, as your brain adjust to the new sound produced you will feel comfortable and get used with the amplified sounds.

Hearing aids are designed to improve your hearing condition. To understand sounds better and adjust to your hearing devices is a process.

It's been a long time you haven't heard those normal sounds and by using new hearing aids, it may sound strange and unfamiliar. But by using your new hearing aids each day, it will adjust and you will be comfortable with it. Just give it some and you will get used to it!

We only require, as a matter of due diligence, that the product(s) you choose to return are in good condition, and are accompanied with a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number.

What is a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Number?
A RMA number is a special forwarding number generated for each returned package. The RMA number expedites the return and refund process.

How to Carry Out a Return

  1. Acquire a Return Merchandise Authorization Number
    To do so, navigate to the 'Online Returns Center,'where you will be presented with a return form. When you are done with filling the form and submitting, a RMA number will be generated for your return package.
  2. Prepare the return package
    After acquisition of a RMA number for your return package, you should endeavor to pack the hearing aid(s) you wish to return securely. Additionally, it is essential that you include any paperwork that was required when you made a request for a return at the 'Online Returns Center.' If the original product packaging in which the hearing aid(s) was delivered to you is not available, you can use a sturdy box as an alternative. Endeavor to include padding materials like newspaper or packing bubbles. When you are about through with the packaging, attach your return label to the return package.
  3. Ship the return package
    A return address is stipulated on the Online Return Form. When you are done with packaging, you should mail the return package to the return address. It is important to obtain a tracking number to ensure timely delivery of the return package.


  • We absolve ourselves of all responsibility for damages to or loss of items in transit.
  • Damaged items will not be accepted as qualified returns.
  • COD is not accepted, so all return packages must be returned prepaid.

The 45-day Return Period
The countdown for the 45-day return period starts on the day purchase was made. Per our policy, you must make all returns within this period. If you are unable to make returns within this period, we would be unable to honor return requests. All returned items after the trial period may incur recovery fee.


  • Only hearing aids are covered in this return policy.
  • All return shipping expenses are covered by the sender (customer)
  • All items returned without a RMA number will be subject to a restocking fee of 20%
  • All returned hearing aids must be in new condition and must be assembled in the original device packaging (plastic bags, manufacturer's pack, Styrofoam, etc.), accompanied with all accessories/add-ons and manufacturer documentation (manuals and similar materials)

Reasons that will void the 45-day return guarantee

  • Modified or damaged device
  • Altered serial number
  • Repairs have been made without our prior consent


    In keeping with our customer-first corporate culture, we offer a comprehensive one-year warranty for all hearing aids. The warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship.

    The warranty cover affirms that if your device(s) fails to perform because of defective materials, parts, or workmanship, we will provide free replacement or repairs as need be.

    Items not covered by the warranty include perishables and objects that give in to natural wear and tear. These items include, but not limited to: Ear domes, Ear tubes, Batteries, Wax guards, Products with a best before date etc.

    To notify us of the need for a repair or replacement that should be covered by a warranty, please file a warranty claim at our 'Online Returns Center.'You will be contacted by a service professional who will assist you with your warranty claim.

    Special Discount
    We offer an amazing 15% discount for a new hearing aid purchase, if you lose or damage a purchased hearing aid within the first year. Contact us before your new purchase to claim this discount

    We Love to Help
    We are enthusiastic to help our customers. We are available through several channels and at all times to provide assistance when you are in need of it. Contact us now!

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