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  • what is the overall length of the aid, width at its thickest point and thickness? Dimension info: Height: 27mm; Width: 10mm; Thickness: 6mm. You can get the information from the product picture gallery.
  • can it be used with an open dome? Yes, it comes with a set of open-fit domes (S/M/L), a set of semi open-fit domes (M/S), a set of close-tip domes (S/M/L)
  • I gather it is preset to average hearing loss can it be reprogrammed to suit my hearing preferences? It is a ready-to-wear hearing aid with manufacturer preset for majority of hearing loss profile. Unfortunately, it cannot be repgrammed. If you prefer to a custom-programmable hearing aid, I would recommend our SYMPHONY200 hearing aid which can be adjusted to your hearing profile using special equipment and software. You can find SYMPHONY200 programmable hearing aid here: Custom Programmable Hearing Aid
  • If it can be adjusted how many adjustment points are there? For each hearing program, there are 12-level volume adjustment
  • Is it user adjustable or has to be done by an audiologist? User only has control on switching between hearing programs and volume adjustment.
  • If has to be done by audiologist, any one, or one autherised by you? No, this is a manufacturer preset ready to wear hearing aid.
  • If one autherised by you, I live in Wellington NZ, do you have one here? We provide unlimited tune-up and cleaning service via mail order.
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